Pleiadian Blue Rose Heart Healing

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Nourishing, Graceful, Soothing and Replenishing…this 3 day distance healing will cocoon you in the Love of the Divine Mother as you process whatever emotion, pain, hurt or sorrow may be present (known or unknown) in your Heart. For any of us who feel lonely on this path, who have past trauma still processing and know it’s time for it to alchemise, or just know your Heart desires more space to be free…this gentle and nurturing healing container will hold you in compassion and love to assist your process. It is a deep and humbling honour to facilitate this healing for you, with special thanks to the Pleiadians, Venusians and all Divine Mother energies who move through me to You.

**This service is fully remote (no live appointment will be made) and begins within the following 24h. The healing is conducted over the course of the following 3 nights/3 days of receiving your Welcome email, which will explain the process further and what to expect. Please be sure to check your spam mailbox over the next day of booking.

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Customer Testimonials

I am so lucky to have received a Blue Rose Heart Healing from Alice.  The moment the healing began I felt held in such a beautiful space and it facilitated a deep healing and the soundest sleep I have had in a long time.  The space I was held in over the healing period was releasing, and uplifting.  Alice’s energy is so calming, peaceful and infused with love.  Alice is a joy to connect with.


When I visited Alice’s website, I immediately connected to the Blue Rose 3 day distance healing. I felt a gentle, but powerful healing from just looking at the Blue Rose on the web page. My experience was just that – 3 days of feeling wrapped in a gentle, subtle, but life changing powerful blue rose energy. During the 3 days, I had some vivid dreams that helped me clarify where I was picking up lower vibrations. I also had a dream where I was pure light – so peaceful. I always felt warped in blue love   Alice (weaver of light) has such a pure heart and soul. She  facilitates this  healing with a deep wisdom, love and light. I am truly a different person after this magnificent healing


I just completed a Pleiadian Blue Rose Healing Container. Thank you! It was lovely. It really helped me in a practical way, affirming healing thoughts, emotions and behaviours. I loved the messages at the end. I will do it again!


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