Ancient Lineages of Light

We are made up of All That Is…Source embodied and expressed…Light, Sound, Vibration and Love, in all forms and expressions dancing together in harmony!

All is happening right now, this present moment, and time, separation and distance is an illusion! Each timeline, dimension, realm and plane is available right now to welcome you home. The portal is our Heart and our vehicle our Mer-Ka-Ba! Every sacred Lineage that ever was and ever will be is available to offer you, it is the magic and medicine you need to advance you on your current Soul Path…To offer you secrets, key codes and mysteries to gleen and download.

Whether Atlantean or Lemurian; Dragon, Sea, Star, or Fae; of Heaven or of Earth…hidden or seen, silent or loud…All are You! You are All! What or Who is calling you forth right now…? Which Divine expression of Source is inviting you to Awaken and Remember?! Who are the golden threads to your tapestry of Life? It’s time to create Your own Sacred Lineage of Light!

Truth and Love Embodied!

As Within So Without, As Above So Below…perhaps you’ve heard of this ancient Universal Maxim and Law? There are a few this Universe is structured by. Learning to play the game of Earth, to understand the structure you (Source You!) has created yourself (Earth You!) in will be the key to embodying your Bliss and truly flying through life on the wings of Love and Joy! Your emotions being key to knowing if you’re on your Highest Aligned Path or not..!

The Universe you experience is a creation of your mind.  Individual and unique to each being! Which means reality is different for every individual soul here! It’s a creation of the pathways which are most active and practiced in your field of energy, in your subconscious mind! Many of which have passively been collected and created by the collective field of energy we move through. This is a very powerful statement because it tells us that until we master our mind and consciously choose the vibration we wish to embody, we will be passively living life according to others and feeling off-purpose! Yet YOU are here for MORE! You are here to play, create, experience and have fun! To self-empower and self-realise with conscious intention rather than passive continuation. Anything truly is possible, and more and more of you are showing this each day!

So, on this Earthen plane of Sacred Mystery Schools, if you wish to embody who YOU truly are…we start at the basics…let’s remember the rules we (Source Us!) created to help guide our growth, and let’s remember the Divinity we are! This is Ascension. This is Remembrance. This is True Love Embodied.

Dance…Sing…Learn Your Unique Sound!

This world is a PHYSICAL plane! Which means physical expression is crucial for your wholeness! Learning the harmony of your Sacred Instrument of Light (your mind-body-soul) is imperative! The language of your physical form is not in a lingual dialect to translate in the mind, it’s in a physical expression to feel in the body! Vibration actualised! Your body has it’s own language of sacred sensation, always communicating with you through physical feeling. Your voice needs to sound, your column of Light needs to physically express and refine itself so it doesn’t become stagnant or blocked!

If we wished to be only mind, we would have remained non-physical (which most of our energy still is..!)…but here on Earth, where we are focused, the key to mastery, lies in your physical connection with self. Remembering the sanctity of your form and all of its expressions…releasing judgement, shame, guilt and condition so you can welcome in more Light, more of your Higher Self to embody and self-realise! This is the key to true Light Integration. The key to Unity and Oneness. The key to being the Walking Master of Light which you are! And what a JOY to be here with you at this time!

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