A Celebration of Sacred Union with Horus!

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As the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine raise the Light in Holy Union with one another, they form a 3rd energy…the light of the Christ! From which the Star Child is birthed! Are you ready for your Christ Codes to be awakened and ignited…? Are you ready to step fully into your Alchemical Mastery…? Are you ready for the celebration of Horus?!


In this workshop we will:

💫 Hear direct channellings from Beloved Isis, Powerful Osiris and Masterful Horus about the importance of Sacred Union in the Ascension Process

💫 Activate with you ancient keycodes of Masculine:Feminine Divine Union and open up your inner Eye of Horus!

💫 Receive a deep healing and alchemy of the imprinted wounded child templates to embody the Star Child template

💫 Be gifted with a powerful and moving Initiation from Horus Himself, with loving support from His Parents Isis and Osiris!


See you on Sunday 5th November live at 5pm UK time, or on the replay! It’s a deep honour to offer this workshop!

With Love from the One True Heart!

Alice 🤍🌹


This is the 3rd part in a 3 part series! To discover The Initiation of Isis click here, for the Initiation of Ra click here!!

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