Abundant Within, Abundant Without! Inspiration in the Hot Seat!

Online Workshop with Alice Heath and Jackie White

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The non-physical realms have always extended a playful hand to assist us on Earth with our physical incarnation, reminding us always the power that lies within, if only we allow ourselves to remember…! As 2024 progresses, we are finding that their help and love is reaching farther than ever before!  

In this workshop, Alice will be directly channelling her joy-loving and uplifting Team of Light to bring you answers to whichever questions are hot on your heart and mind right now in this transmission titled: Abundant Within, Abundant Without! 

Join Jackie and Alice on Tuesday 6th Feb for a power hour of Inspiration in the Hot Seat! Ask the questions you want to ask, receive directly channelled Guidance from the Ineffable Infinite Intelligence of Source to help you create more Affluence, Ease and Joy in your Life!

There will be chance to turn on your camera and microphone in this workshop to ask a question directly. Please keep your question to 20 seconds or less.

What a true joy to bring this workshop to you! Jackie, Alice and the Teams of Light are thrilled to be connecting with you!


**If you can’t join live, a recorded replay is also available to purchase!


All bookings for this workshop go through https://jackie-white.co.uk/product/alice-heath-inspiration-in-the-hot-seat/

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Workshop Recording
Price: £11