Ancient Secrets of Sacred Union – part 2

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When we look back at the Walking Ascended Masters, they all had One thing in common: They had embodied the Ancient Gnostic Teachings and embarked upon a journey of Inner Union, Physical Mastery and Spiritual Discipline. From this, they found true enlightenment…Oneness…pure Bliss and Purpose. Many of us strive to find that true loving, passionate and pure connection, often looking outside of ourselves before we find it within. This 2 part class will serve to help you take every part of your life to the next level!

Over the two workshops, we will discover:

🌹 The Roles of the Masculine & Feminine

🌹 The Scale of Tantra – Myths and Truths

🌹 What Sacred Sexuality truly means

🌹 Intro to White Tantra

🌹 Inner Union and Outer Union

🌹 How Non-Duality plays an important role in progression

🌹 Introduction to Sacred Rites

🌹 The Sanctity of the Seed of Man

🌹 The Honouring of the Blood of Woman

🌹 Kundalini Rising to Enlightenment


I am so honoured to be bringing this introductory series Mystery School Teachings and Tantric Practice to you All now! With Love from the One Heart, Alice 🌹


*Workshop conducted in English via Zoom. Replay will be provided for all who register, so don’t worry if you can’t make it live! All participants will be muted for the recording, with an option to ask questions or leave comments in the chat throughout ♥ Be sure you also registered for part 1 ♥

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