Ascension Secrets of the 7 Sacred Suns!

Online Workshop with Alice Heath and Tim Whild

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As we power towards the upcoming Solstice, more and more energy is being filtered into Earth to assist the shifts and changes we are All calling in. The Solar Flares are increasing and the connection our Starfriends and Angelics are offering us are off the charts!

The 7 Suns assisting our Ascension Process have a sacred contribution to impart at this time…codings, templates, gifts, healing and technology…activating within you your Multidimensional Solar Body!

Join Tim and Alice as we journey to the Great Central Sun via Helios with Archangel Metatron and the Shekinah, meet the Giant Ones (also know as the Founders..!) and activate our 7 Solar Body template!


We will:

💫 Connect with the Giant Ones to hear their channelled wisdom for a smoother ascension experience

💫 Receive a cosmic Kundalini activation from the Shekinah and Archangel Metatron

💫 Connect with the Celestial Bodies known as the 7 Suns who are supporting our Galaxy at this time

💫 Increase your personal ability to process Solar Flares with ease and grace

💫 Expand your Higher Human DNA template and enable your multidimensional Solar Body!

💫 Become a clearer channel to help Earth alchemise whatever is needed at this time!


It is a profound joy and honour to bring this workshop to you, we look forward immensely to connecting with All who are called! As usual, this event is live with a recorded replay for all who aren’t able to make it on the day!


With love from the One True Heart, Tim and Alice ☀️🌹🙏


Workshop conducted in English via YouTube live stream. Option to pay by card via PayPal 🤍

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Workshop Recording
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