Atlantis and the Essenes – The Golden Thread

Workshop Recording with Alice Heath and Camilla Aurea KumaRa

Workshop Recording

About this Recording

Amongst us today are those who resonate with the name “Essene”…those who have carried the Golden Thread of Christ in their hearts…protected, nurtured and vowed to remain in Love leading the way for Earth and All upon it.

On 28th June, please join Camilla KumaRa – Soul Path Guide & Light Language Sound Healer, and Alice Heath – Divine Channel & Mystery Schools Initiator in this sacred remembrance of the Golden Path of the Essenes, discovering how it connects back to Atlantis, as we activate the Brother and Sisterhoods of Light within!


In this workshop we will:

  • Discover the Golden mission of the Essene’s from the time of Atlantis, up until Now!
  • Explore the Brother and Sisterhoods of Light, and the roles the Magi, Druids and Kaloo play
  • Activate the Seeds of Christ within
  • Remember how to work with Crystals to direct and channel energy
  • Help bridge the old world with the New Golden Earth Template


Please feel welcome to bring a single or double terminated Quartz crystal to this workshop!


It is a delight and joy for us to bring this remembrance to you! With Love from the One True Heart, Camilla and Alice  🌹🤍


This event is now a recording! Workshop conducted on zoom in English.  Option to pay by card, just click the PayPal button and you will be given the option to pay without a PayPal account! Any troubles, please reach out!

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Workshop Recording
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