Empowering the Empath: Sensitivity is your GIFT!

Online Workshop with Alice Heath and Emma Sullivan

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In a world of vibration…filled with vibrational beings (You!) it is only natural that we would feel. Yet as time progresses, those sensitivities seem to increase week over week, year over year.

Many of us find them a pain, challenging at best, but what if we were to tell you your sensitivity is a gift..? Not only a gift, but a unique and extremely beautiful attunement you’ve called in to help you live your highest timeline? What if, instead of seeing sensitivity as a burden, you could explore it as an immense strength?!

Join Emma Sullivan and Alice Heath on Thursday 14th September for a workshop created to empower you: the Empath!


In this workshop we will:

✨ Remember why we not only have, but need this gift

✨ Discover your unique sensitivity, how to harness it and decipher its messages!

✨ Meet your Highest self to understand how your sensitivity connects with your Soul Mission

✨ Transmute any judgement or rejection into empowerment and foresight, strengthening your psychic protection in the process!


It is a deep joy and privilege to bring this workshop forward to you!

This workshop is now a recording!! Love from Emma and Alice  🌹🤍🙏


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Workshop Recording
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