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We are never alone in this world…never. Although, from our physical perspective we may feel that way. Especially when so many of our eternal family are non-physical. But in reality, each of us has a whole entourage of Light around us, helping us make decisions, protecting us, comforting us when we’re upset and being cheeky with us when we’re having fun! This entourage is commonly known as our Team of Light!

Join Alice (and her Team of Light!) in this sacred workshop where you will:

🤍 Learn the different roles each aspect of your Team looks after

🧚🏻 Enhance your ability to hear/see/feel your Team

🦄 Discern which guidance is from them and which is not

🌈 Connect with your main Team members such as: Guardian Angel, Dream Guide, Fae family, Current Spirit Animal, Star Beings…(the list continues)…in order to develop a stronger relationship with them

🕊️ Know when you call upon who, and how to be in the best vibration to receive their help!


I am so honoured to be helping you discover and expand your connection with your Team of Light!

With Love from the One Heart, Alice 🌹


*This workshop is a Recorded Replay from 12th April 2023

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