Illuminate Your Truth – A Solar Eclipse Workshop

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Solar Eclipses offer us such potent and powerful access to, not only see through illusionary veils, but also grant us direct access to rewrite, release and reform a new, higher and more pure, blissful truth!    

With the Sun and Moon kissing in the sky, all in the sign of Scorpio, a poignant multi-dimensional portal opens! We have a unique opportunity to release deep karmic blocks that haven’t been available before now!

In this workshop, we will be discovering more about how the 4th density and astral realm embody within our physicality, we will go on a vision journey to untangle and “see” subtleties which have before been hidden from sight, and reconcile as many illusions as each is permitted in Highest Good – which, in turn, will pave way for Higher Light to instead take crystalline form within You!    

During this workshop we will –

  • Receive an up-to-date Cosmic Update to discuss the deep magic of this Solar Eclipse and Venus Star Point!
  • Receive transmission from Ascended Master Seshet around how to remain out of any karmic loops to finally clear them, 
  • Learn how to “de-arm” any triggers as they arise
  • Receive Initiation in the Great Sphinx of Egypt to access hidden rooms of the Akashic Records 
  • Visit the Atlantean Temple of the Moon to receive and integrate the generous gifts available to us throughout this portal!
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