Medicine of the Heart: Ceremonial Cacao

Zoom Workshop with Alice Heath

19:00 - 20:00 GMT

About this Event

Ceremonial cacao is an ancient and extremely sacred form of heart medicine and deep gateway to embodying our True Bliss…originating from South America, it is considered to be a divine spiritual elixir and ritualistic medicine. It connects us to the Cosmic Heart, and the Cosmic Womb…the Divine Mother too, through Mama IxCacao – the Goddess of Cacao!

With minerals such as Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Calcium (I could go on!) and naturally occurring hormones such as Dopamine, Anandamide (bliss hormone, where Sanskrit word Ananda/bliss comes from!) and Tryptophan (stimulates Serotonin), there are also many many health benefits to this superfood, such as enhanced meditation, opened creativity channels, regulated blood sugar & pressure, energised body and mind…and has one of the richest sources of antioxidants out there…it is something that has been renowned through millennia, even being traded for a higher value that Gold.

But why ceremonial Cacao over chocolate? Well, nearly all chocolate we buy from the supermarket has been so overly processed, bulked up with sugars and fillers, that the beneficial properties and sacred energies have been reduced to become non-existent amounts. They truly are worlds apart. We are being called so powerfully, to remember the sacred and ancient ways, to connect with Nature and Her offerings in the most respectful methods…And so, I invite you to experience the awakening and harmonious magic of Mama IxCacao and Her Sacred Heart Medicine this Sunday 3rd April at 8pm UK time (3pm EST) in my free zoom call, where you will learn and experience the following:

  • A little about Ceremonial Cacao and its history
  • Setting up a ceremonial space
  • Daily Dose versus Ceremonial Dose
  • Preparing your Cacao (and where to Source it!)
  • How to Heal & Release with Cacao
  • How to Manifest & Create with Cacao
  • A introductory connection to Mama IxCacao
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19:00 - 20:00 GMT
Price: Free

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