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Settle into your presence, your Heart, Your Womb and your Love… Let your Sacred Feminine softness welcome in the joys of a full and unified Heart! 🌹


Love is our birthright! Being created in Love and from Love, it would perhaps be expected that Love is easy to find and cultivate…and yet, that is not always our Human Experience…! Sometimes falling in Love can be easy, but what about maintain ourselves in Love…? The Sacred Feminine within us CRAVES to be soft, supple, nourishing and magnetic. It’s Her very nature! Yet, we often find ourselves subtlety (or not so..!) over-masculine, and usually overly protective of sharing our heart…! This blocks our ability to receive the true Love we are (within and without!), and even maintain it. So now, it is time, to Soften into Love! 🌹


Join Alice on Friday 25th August, 7:30pm BST for an hour workshop where we will:

🌹 Delve deeper into where the “hardening” of the Heart comes from

🌹 Understand the roles of Sacred Masculine & Feminine in creating relationships and Union

🌹 Learn how to “Soften” in strength, compassion, grace and Love

🌹 Identify where in our Heart is asking for inner healing and nourishment to help it blossom open

🌹 Connect with the Sacred Shekinah and hear what wisdom She wishes to impart at this time!


I am so honoured to be offering this workshop and helping All who are called to expand into their Love! 🌹

With Love from the One Heart, Alice 🙏

This workshop is now a replay! Unlimited replay available upon enrolling. Option to pay with card via Paypal (without creating an account) ♥


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