The Art of Going Within! PLG Bournemouth

In Person Workshop in Bournemouth!

19:00 BST - 20:30 BST
St Ambrose Church Hall

About this Event

✨ An Evening of Mastering the Art of “Going Within”! ✨

In today’s world we hear quite frequently phrases of advice such as “Go Within”…”Surrender”…”Let it go” but what does this really mean? How do we “go within”..? And how can this help us live a happier more fulfilled life?

Join our guest speaker Alice Heath on Tuesday 11th July at 7pm for an evening of tangible and very real discussion on how to enjoy more calmness and joy in your day to day life.

Whether at work, with your family or life in general, being able to feel peace despite whatever situation may occur is a gift you deserve to receive! ✨

We look very much to welcoming each and everyone called to attending! See you there!

7 – 8:30pm BST
Tuesday 11th July 2023
St Ambrose Church Hall, West Cliff Road, Bournemouth BH48BE
Tickets £5.50 (limited places available)


Love Anita ~Bournemouth PLG and Alice ~Ascension to Love 🌹🤍

Event Details:

19:00 BST - 20:30 BST
St Ambrose Church Hall
Price: £5.50