The Darkest of Nights birth the Brightest of Dawns!

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When we’re feeling happy and loved, life is easy…simple…blissful! Yet, what about when faced with challenge? Conflict? Controversy..? What is the easiest, quickest way back to joy? 🌈

Join Alice, 7-8pm on Thursday 5th October as they delve into the true nature of the illusions of our ego, whilst guiding you to uncover the simplest path back to the happiness of your Heart!

This power hour workshop is intended to clear the confusion from your mind and sight when faced with a particularly difficult or destructive dark night! 🖤


In this workshop, you can expect to:

✨ Receive practices and tools to assist you through life’s challenges

✨ Learn the crucial importance of Shadow Alchemy in the Ascension Process

✨ Understand why dark nights occur and how to get ahead of them

✨ Conclude the workshop feeling illuminated, lighter and more joyfully connected than before!


It’s a wonderful honour to bring you this offering, thank you for meeting me with courage and Love! See you on Thursday!

Love from the One True Heart, Alice 🌹🤍


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