The Mystery of Your Life Force Energy!

Online Workshop with Alice Heath, replay included!

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Life force energy is a sacred and vital force of Source which creates everything about our Being! It also has the power to destroy when not cultivated correctly, as we often see in today’s world both subtly (eg: energy depletion) and not so subtly..! In this workshop we will be delving into the Tantric aspects of the Mystery Schools, learning how to raise your Kundalini safely, and recognise where you may be unknowingly spilling it!

Join Alice on 28th September as we dive into the ancient and deeply hidden wisdom of the Mystery Schools to remember the sanctity and potency of what Life Force really is!


We will:

🌹 Discover how the Masculine and Feminine Life Force Energy Flow, within and without, to form Sacred Union

🌹 Understanding the gift of your Life Force, from Seed, to Blood, to Breath of Life

🌹 Learn what embodied Ascension means from a LifeForce perspective and practice

🌹 Locate and Heal any Life Force Spillages within you

🌹 Start to connect deeper with the Life Force of Nature and All Living Things


It is a profound joy and honour to bring this workshop to you, the mastery of our Life Force is crucial for mastering this Incarnation! Life is for living! In Fun and Love! I look forward immensely to connecting with All who are called to be here! As usual, this event is live with a recorded replay for all who aren’t able to make it on the day!

With love from the One True Heart, Alice 🌹🙏


This workshop is now a recording! Conducted in English via Zoom. Option to pay by card via PayPal without needing a Paypal account 🤍

If you can’t find the link to join live or aren’t sure if you’ve already registered, please click here to access your account history!


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Workshop Recording
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