Anchor Your Light: 4 Week Spiritual Mentorship AVAILABLE JUNE ’24

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This Light filled program is catered for those Way Showers who are already in their role of service and ready to advance their embodiment into a Higher Version of their Truest Self! It’s time for Earth to have Her Leaders-in-Love reach more beautiful Souls than ever before, and unapologetically Anchor their Light! 

There are 2 programs available for June-July 2024 – Weekly and Intensive. Both of which consist of consecutive weekly 60 minute 1:1 sessions packed with channelled wisdom, quantum healing, soul activations, mystery school teachings customised to the unique soul vibration of each individual. Be ready for expedited acceleration and deeper becoming within your Truest Self…your life is about to expand for the better!

This role out of Anchor Your Light is intended to focus on the energies in and around the Solstice, preparing participants for the upcoming gateways and cosmic jumps arriving with Lionsgate of 2024.


The dates and places available are as follows:

Weekly: 1x appointment per week, each Wednesday. Starting June 12th, 19th, 26th and July 3rd. 4 places available, £666 to participate. 

Intensive: 2x weekly appointments per week, each Monday & Friday. Starting June 10th & 14th, 17th & 21st, 24th & 28th, concluding with July 1st & 5th. 3 places available, £1111 to participate. 

This course requires participants to have established already a practiced level of shadow integration work, inner child reclamation and conscious desire to actively create reality 🌹

*Please note, you will not be able to purchase immediately. The Buy Now button will redirect you to an enquiry page where you’ll be sent more info on Anchor Your Light, and how to book! 💞

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Customer Testimonials

Alice Heath is the embodiment of Living Love. And while working with her, the streams of love that flow from her poured through me. In our sessions, I felt the pulse of the Cosmos while being held in the Arms of the Divine.

I feel so very blessed to have worked with Alice on two rounds of Anchor Your Light. Each session was a healing. Each session brought through such deep insight & wisdom and I moved forward at an incredible pace.

Grateful always…!


Thank you so much for an incredible 4 weeks. I have been a ‘seeker’ for many years. I have been involved in all sorts of weird and wonderful things and gone down lots of rabbit holes! Working with you has helped me to come back to me. To that authentic self that is both simple and mysterious. You have helped me to connect with the Great Mother in beautiful and profound yet simple ways. I wanted to know how to show my devotion to Her and you have shown me the way.

The container that we created and you so beautifully held enabled me to gain insights and understandings during our sessions and my daily practice. I have found happiness, inspirations, ah ha moments and profound peace. I feel really excited about my life going forward. Each day is a chance to discover more.

Thank you so much. I feel such love for you.


Alice has a strength, a grace, and a genius at creating a container for healing that is incredibly effective. Sessions with Alice truly answer my deepest questions about myself and guide me on my path to further healing.  She is able to move and show what you can feel on the tip of your being, and allows for it to move into your consciousness and through your body and bring you to the next step.  A wonderful experience I am very grateful for.


The four sessions I attended with Alice have been some of the most enlightening moments I have ever experienced. They were so beautiful and organic. I felt safe and supported and voiced things I haven’t ever felt able to. Thank you so very much for holding the space, guiding the healing, and allowing me bring to light and release what was needed. Thank you Alice for bringing your light, and sharing your wisdom, insights and non judgement. I feel nourished from the soul outwards, and will be forever grateful for this time. With love and light!


Over the last year+ Alice has been such a blessing in my life. I started out not really knowing anything about spirituality and what a lot of people call psychics, but I knew I had tried so many other paths and didn’t find what I was looking for- so what would trying something new and different hurt? Well in meeting Alice I got to meet myself- meaning she helped me learn and remember the real me deep down that I knew was in there but didn’t listen to or trust. Alice has a very gentle and calm way of walking you through whatever it is your going through. I spent years talking to therapists, but didn’t actually receive or go through any healing with them. With Alice’s guidance and help I have been working on healing all those traumas and learning how to process them in a better way. I was afraid of the fakes before I started working with Alice, but when you meet the real deal you know. I’m beyond grateful to have found her, worked with her, and to have her in my life as a mentor.

My love and blessings to you Alice!


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