Body Scan and Energy Adjustment

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Unblock…Unweave…Align! This offering is for those who are seeking assistance in releasing any deep energetical blocks which may be hindering progression or alignment! Also included in this appointment is an energy adjustment, which increases flow and circulation of your Qi!

With the amount of continuous key codes that are coming in and the level of Light ever expanding, it is only natural our old and limiting beliefs will make themselves known…old calcified emotions, imprints all speaking up when they can to help you step into your highest aligned self! So it is my hope, my intention that this service is something which will serve immensely. If it calls to you, please feel very welcome to book!

This session is excellent for any level of Spirituality! I look forward to serving! Love Alice.


This session is not live, it will be recorded and sent out to your email address on your order form. This service will be completed and a video sent to you between 7-14 days of booking, often much sooner.

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Customer Testimonials

Hi beautiful Alice, I am so very grateful for this amazing work that you offer. It is so very powerful.
The first time I did the session for two full days I felt so held and loved and supported to go through some incredibly powerful emotional clearings. I did it a second time and afterwards I felt so much clearer and receiving stronger messages and a sense of being prepared to move forward in Love now. Even though I am unsure of the steps forward, I am feeling calm, relaxed and more allowing, trusting in my Higher Self and Divine Team.
Your work with Masters and Archangels and Beings of Light is True, Real, and Authentic and very Powerful.

What a profound, thorough, informative, and heartfelt Body Scan and Energy Adjustment session! I’m feeling an abundance of gratitude and love for your service as well as the support from the beloved Arcturians, Quan Yin, Mother Mary and the many Archangels that I call upon daily. Spot on with the blockage in my nasal cavity / behind my eyes. During this incarnation I’ve had many issues with nasal congestion since I was a young girl. So there’s a lot to release on all levels. And my eyes have been extremely dry, especially during these past months. Grateful for the presence of the Orions. Peace and blessings.


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