Christ Light Healing Pod

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Joy, Hope, Peace and Ease…this 3 day distance healing will cocoon you in the ineffable Light of the Christ as your energy field becomes imbued with the Golden Ray! For any of us who feel a little heavy in their energy field right now and are ready to feel lighter, brighter and more hopeful, this radiant and shimmering container will help hold you in a state of flow, ease and grace while bringing a skip to your step. It is a deep and joyous honour to facilitate this healing for you, with special thanks to the Christ, the Golden Ones and Source energies who move through me to You ✨


**This service is fully remote (no live appointment will be made) and begins within the following 24h. The healing is conducted over the course of the following 3 nights/3 days of receiving your Welcome email, which will explain the process further and what to expect. Please be sure to check your spam mailbox over the next day of booking as welcome emails are sent out immediately.

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Customer Testimonials

I am a returning client of Alice, as she is truly wonderful. I booked  the Christ light healing pod, which is now my favourite!
I felt better straight away and after it was completed I felt so much lighter. My joy, happiness, inner peace and serenity increased.
I felt truly loved by the Universe. Moreover, I received a deep unexpected strong physical healing in my body.
Amazing results from it!
I highly recommend this service and Alice .
I will book it again in the near future.

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