From Illusion to Love: Shadow Alchemy Course

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Join Melissa & Alice in a powerful transformational journey to burst through the veils of collective illusion, dissolve the denseness of inner doubt, and break free from your own mental prison to blossom and embody your truest, strongest version of yourself. It’s time to walk your truth…live it fully! Your inner HeartLight is calling you…are you ready to answer…?

This all inclusive course will contain the following content each week:

  • A video class on the topic in focus for the week! We must first “see” the patterns, where they came from and how the belief came to be, and notice how our emotions have shifted to form a forcefield around those beliefs to keep them in place. This class will help the mental and emotional body unravel their false structures!
  • A Quantum Akashic Healing! We must allow ourselves the grace of facing our Shadows, in compassion, love, and courage. Old projections of our Shadow must be calmed and brought back into Light to heal them through witnessing them!
  • A Quantum Activation! So we can start to rewrite the trauma into our power, move from illusion to true alignment!
  • Practical and physical real world tricks! So we can help the body release and repattern itself in simple, yet effectively powerful ways. This is extremely important and a part often bypassed in integrating shadows! It’s this final part, paired with the above 3 points which allow completion of Shadow integration!
  • BONUS: Each week will even have a Light Language attunement to seal the new Golden Design in place!

Each class is intentionally prerecorded so you can listen to each section as many times as you feel called to. Each week will revolve around a different area of fear-based power-draining illusion, which we will be actively alchemising into Light-filled Soul-truth alignment!

We cover many topics and areas, such as Empath:Narcissist and breaking free from those bonds, Father Wound and the wounded patriarchy; Mother Wound and the wounded matriarchy; Codependency and Relationships, inc. Twinflames and higher connections, Inner Child Reclamation and healing; Highest Soul Embodiment and removing blocks to resources, ideas, means and abundance!

We look forward to continuing to connect with each of you who choose this courageous path of Oneness and Bliss!

Please note, this course is pre-recorded with all above content. Upon purchase you will be sent the full course and suggested timeline of completion. Melissa and Alice will be available for questions and assistance through this course, details of how to contact them is offered upon purchase  

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Customer Testimonials

I truly feel the potency and power of what is set and held in this beautiful container. I felt received so that I can fully surrender into this love filled journey. My heart sings in this joyous reunion of soul family. I highly encourage anyone on the path of the intimate journey of the heart to join the offering of these 2 extraordinary women.

This work is the crux of self love and healing. (Although I’ve been on my path for over 20 years)  I can sense how my journey will deepen from the loving presence of the intentions that were seeded today. So grateful!


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