Arcturian Light Body Recalibration Healing

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Anchor & Ground…Balance & Integrate…Focus & Recharge…This 3 day attunement offers an incredibly powerful and effective boost to your energy fields as you process the unique Light codes you are receiving. Whether you are feeling your ‘Ascension Symptoms’ physically, mentally or emotionally, this sphere of healing Light will be a welcome gift to yourself! It is an honour to be a channel to direct this healing for You! Special thanks to the Arcturians and Archangels who support this sacred offering!

**This service is fully remote (no live appointment will be made) and begins within the following 24h. The healing is conducted over the course of the following 3 nights/3 days of receiving your Welcome email, which will explain the process further and what to expect. Please be sure to check your spam mailbox over the next day of booking.

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Customer Testimonials

Alice Heath provided the most beautiful healing container for myself and my family during a recent period of intense clearing/upgrading. As we go through these natural processes, we can often be left feeling unable to manage. Within these experiences it is a real gift to be able to hand the healing over to those working at a very high level.

Alice’s connection to the Arcturians is one of the most powerful that I have encountered and the healing I received was detailed, gentle and incredibly effective. We are all back online and ready for action now! Receive, integrate, and enjoy!

Tim Whild

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