Light Language Soul Activation

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Alice away until 4th June. If you book this service before then, it will be fulfilled from 4-14th June.

This recorded, unique & bespoke, Light Language activation connects to pure Source vibration in order to activate and draw forth from dormancy aspects of your Crystalline DNA which is ready & wanting to be birthed. Light language operates on the purest of frequencies, without being muddied by interpretation of the mind (such as thought, analysis, perception or cultural language), it is one of the Highest of Vibrations, focused into form by someone acting as a Divine Channel. These sessions are a true sacred honour to facilitate, thank you for entrusting me with this honour, love Alice xx

These appointments are not live, they are recorded and take 1-2 weeks to be fulfilled. Between the time of booking and the time of receiving your attunement, you will also receive a gentle and graceful distance healing, so you may feel your vibration start to recalibrate, as we (Our Teams of Light and I) prepare your energy fields to significantly upgrade. This format offers us the chance to really prepare you to receive higher gifts, initiations and Light you are ready for. Transmissions are around 10 mins long.

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Customer Testimonials

Life Changing – Truth – Power – Wonder – Magic – Connection – Love and support. These are all things I feel when I think of how grateful and blessed I am to have connected with Alice. My Light Language Soul Activation released deep stuck energy and old patterns from my Solar Plexus that I had been struggling with for a long time. Never to return! My Light Language session truly activated something in my soul. While receiving my Light Language I could immediately feel the energy move. I could feel the presence of ascended masters and light beings with Alice connecting to me. Heart to Heart. Extremely powerful yet wonderfully gentle. Once you have it you can always revisit it when needed. Alice is a True Healer. She is warm, loving, genuine, and kind. I feel safe, supported, and held in love while working with her. I will continue to reach for her for support and guidance throughout my journey in this life. If you have found yourself on Alice’s website, do not hesitate!! You will be giving yourself a precious gift that keeps on giving.


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