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This offering is for those who need a little clarity, support, direction and help to discern a clear path ahead on a particular question or topic. This is a great way to get a specific and personalised response to whatever challenges you may be experiencing. The Teams of Light will go to the foundational vibration which is causing you to feel out of alignment, to bring crystal clear messages and practical guidance through.

This session is excellent for any level of Spirituality! I look forward to channelling for you, love Alice.

This session is not live, it will be recorded and sent out to your email address on your order form. Please reply to your confirmation email with the question/topic you wish to receive guidance on. Videos are approximately 10-15 minutes long and will be sent back to you between 7-10 days, often quicker.

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Customer Testimonials

I felt very guided to ask for a reading by Alice. With an open heart I asked what I felt like questions no one can actually answer except myself. And that’s exactly what I received. The reading from Alice felt like a deeper sense of myself that could speak to me without my logical mind getting in the way. This aloud me to listen to myself with a great compassion. Alice her kind, open heart and full presence gave me permission to feel my feelings on a deeper level. To really let it sink in. Actually hearing the words and answers out loud and not only feeling it, was also a great guide to integrate these deeper knowledge in my daily life. I absolutely recommend this reading to anyone for questions big and small. Thank you Alice!


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