Rebirthing the Goddess Course

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Throughout this course we discover 7 sacred aspects of the Divine Feminine Archetypes (Virgin, Lover, Mother, Queen, Wild Woman, Wise Woman and Mystic!) – connecting, realigning and healing any shadows we may have within each one. With over 8 hours of content, including quantum healings, soul integrations and key code activations, the goal of this sacred remembrance is to Rebirth You into your true Divinity and Sovereignty ?

We will remember many ancient ways through our cycle through the Feminine Archetypes, touching upon things such as:

  • Mystery school teachings
  • Deep Soul Healing
  • Increased Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Heightened Intuition
  • Intro to the Magic of Sacred Sexuality
  • Creating in the Cosmic Womb
  • Returning to the True and Authentic YOU…!

This course is suitable any level of spiritual remembrance and any gender – each Being has both Masculine and Feminine within, and one of the purposes of this time is to bring balance and love back to this World. We do this through deep soul healing, remembering ancient knowledge and creating new pathways of Light.

This course is pre-recorded. Upon purchase, you shall receive a link to all the content. I welcome any questions or thoughts via email!

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Customer Testimonials

Rebirthing the Goddess has supported profound shifts in real life, not just spiritual growth. Alice’s Earth Angel awesomeness gave me the greatest gift – deep soul healing with Mother, who died within 2 weeks of the alignment work. Divine timing at its most powerful. Even if you’re not sure what you’re signing up for, prepare to get a loving shove into your glorious Light!


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