Sacred Feminine Wisdom Course

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Welcome to this powerful 3 part course on the sacred remembrance of the Womb (Chalice) Mysteries  

Throughout this course, we delve into:

  •  Sacred Sexuality and Sensuality
  •  Enhancing the voice of our Womb through an introduction to Yoni Somatics
  •  Releasing trauma, past lovers and womb wounding
  •  Opening and allowing our Heart-Womb connection to flow with greater ease and clarity
  •  Remembering the magic and power of the inner Moon cycle, and Her seasons

…And much more! This course will help you reconnect with your Sacred Femininity, no matter how disconnected or absent you feel She currently is. With a learn-at-your-own-pace style of delivery, this is a remember and integrate according to your own unique rhythm…repeating each class and meditation as many times as you like!

3x 80 min classes, with a healing/initiation track from Hathor, Lilith and Isis to compliment each week! Also included bonus recorded Q&A with Full Moon meditation!

It’s a true honour to facilitate this sacred womb empowerment! Love, Alice xx

* This course is pre-recorded. Upon purchase, you shall receive a link to all the content. I welcome any questions or thoughts via email!

* You do not need to have a physical womb or moon/menstrual cycle to participate in this course  

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Customer Testimonials

Alice’s Sacred Feminine Wisdom course was life changing – it revolutionized how I approach spirituality and the body. I experienced breakthroughs in my healing journey that I didn’t think were even possible. Upon completion of the course, I felt as though I had ascended to a higher level of consciousness. I continue to use the Sacred Feminine practices Alice recommends in the course and they have deeply enriched my life.


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