Soul Contract Acceleration Session (AVAILABLE)

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This session is for those ready to really jump deeper in their Highest Soul Contract by welcoming in the opportunities to raise their Light quotient. These live 1:1 sessions consist of Channelled Guidance specific to your current level of Soul Contract fulfilment; Quantum Healing to help you move through your current Initiation; and a Soul Activation to bring in your next stage of Ascension embodiment.

These sessions are not for beginners, a basic practice of inner child reclamation, spiritual discipline and shadow integration are required. Each session is bespoke to match the beautiful Being who booked and wherever they are at in that moment of Soul progression. It is a true honour to connect with you and facilitate this container in Highest Good! Love to you!

♥ PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME AS SOON AS YOU BOOK ♥ – You will receive an email immediately upon purchase with a booking link, please check your spam if you haven’t received it within 10 mins of purchase. Appointments are 90 mins long, but please allow yourself extra time to integrate post session. Be sure you are ready for your appointment time as missed slots cannot be pushed back, refunded or rescheduled. 

Last appointments available are on 19th June, 22nd June and 10th July between 11am-1pm UK time – first come first serve, I will update this listing when they go!

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Customer Testimonials

What an extraordinary gift you gave me today, wow! So much clear guidance, so much richness, it just spanned across space and time and lifetimes … and was profound. All of it resonated, and the astronomy you brought through was pinpoint accurate – barely any astrologers are speaking like this! The direct channelling and healing from the star beings was a whole other level of gift; I could see vivid colours, feel a vortex of energy moving through my body, a clear column of white light pulling me straight upright, and much crystalline activity in my knee which now feels much ‘cleaner’ than before. I know that one session has jumped me forwards in my evolution and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are exceptionally gifted Alice, and I feel blessed with this session today.


My session with Alice Heath was absolutely certifiably Spirit led. With no prior knowledge of me Alice went deeply into our session unlocking some things that had been constrained and contained. My session gave me a level of confidence that is completely real vs. the “fake it til you make it” mentality I had based around looking perfect at whatever cost. My nervous system shut me down years ago to work at a snail’s pace and the session pushed me gently into making the heart based decision to choose what I want to do and do it without apologies. If you want to have a true upswing in results, confidence, and magnetism I encourage you to work with Alice and ascend to love.


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