Temple Secrets of the Shekinah 🌹

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♥️ In this sacred, deep and beautiful course, we step into the Mysteries of the Ancient Future…returning the wisdom of the temples to each Initiate to embody and become! The Scarlet Codes Re-Membered! ♥️


🌹 LIVE LAUNCH DATE FRIDAY 10th NOVEMBER! 🌹  Join anytime! Weekly roll out! 🌹


On Friday 10th November, we begin our journey into the Temples! Welcoming each of you in our Live Zoom call at 7pm GMT as you anchor your intention and we create this sacred container for the next 6 weeks!


Each Friday more content will be released to you as we continue our journey into this most sacred remembrance covering topics and practices such as, but not limited to:

🌹 Sacred Sound 🐍 Sacred Movement 🌹 Sacred Vibration

🐍 Sacred Intention 🌹 Sacred Touch 🐍 Sacred Breath

🌹 Sacred Blood 🐍 Sacred Rites 🌹 Sacred Union


Concluding our journey in this course with a LIVE CLOSING CALL on Friday 15th December! 🌹

I look forward so much to connecting with each of you who choose this courageous path of Sacred Remembrance, Embodiment and Love!


With Love from the One Heart, Alice and the Shekinah 🌹

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