Creating Conscious Relationships through Healing the Mind

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Nourishing and Loving Relationships are something we all desire and deserve…and had intended before we got here…! We don’t often realise how the unconscious programmes of our mind block our Soul Family from entering..! Join Alice on Friday 9th Feb in this practical power hour as we discover how to Create Conscious Relationships through Healing the Mind!


We all have heard that what we think about, we bring about…but what if we don’t know what we’re thinking about? What if we, on some unseen level, are thinking things which are blocking our very deepest desires..?! As humans, we crave intimacy, love, devotion, connection, closeness with others, yet at the same time, we’ve all had experiences which push away these very things! In this potent workshop, we’re going to take a more grounded and tangible look at how to recognise how our shadows are impacting our Soul Family connections, how to evolve old relationships to become more conscious, and how to create the space within our embodied state to receive them fully!


We will:

🌹 Delve deeper into the unconscious and subconscious layers of the mind to learn how they influence our relationships

🌹 Discover how to notice and welcome in parts of our unconscious to heal (so as to stop blocking Love)

🌹 Learn how to actively re-programme the mind:body to allow us to be receptive to Love in various forms

🌹  Discover more about how core wounds are created and how to disarm our “invisible” trigger responses!

🌹  Embrace healing communication to come to a better state of harmony within and without!


I am so honoured to be offering this workshop and helping All who are called to expand in their Love! 🌹

With Love from the One Heart, Alice 🙏

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If you’re looking for the first workshop: Mastering Your Mind to Consciously Create, you can find it HERE. You do not need to watch/book the first workshop before watching this one, but they are highly complimentary..!


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