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Your mind is an incredibly powerful tool which we need to master in order to create the reality we desire! Yet so many of us are creating passively and unknowingly. Join Alice on Friday 19th Jan as we discover how to Master Your Mind and Consciously Create!



Conscious (or Active) creation is something many of us wish for, yet few of us are accomplishing with constant ease and flow. This is to do with which aspect of the mind we are focused in, and how much control and mastery we have over it! When our attention, our focus and our mental discipline is low, conditions like depression, adhd, and passive creation form. It also leaves us open to collective hypnosis and invisible conditioning..! In this power hour workshop, we will discover how to Master the Mind in order to release the bonds which are blocking us fully channel our divine creations! 🌹


We will:

☀️ Delve deeper into the layers of the mind and learn which part we are creating from 

☀️ Discover the different frequencies of the brain and learn how to move between them

☀️ Practice dropping into the aspect of the mind which channels Source frequencies

☀️ Bridge the layers of the mind to heal the subconscious and inner child conditioning

☀️ Connect with whichever Beings of Light wish to channel through on the day and receive their ineffable wisdom!


I am so honoured to be offering this workshop and helping All who are called to expand in their Mastery! ☀️

With Love from the One Heart, Alice 🙏

This workshop is conducted online via Zoom! Unlimited replay available upon enrolling. Option to pay with card via Paypal (without creating an account) ♥


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