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These 60 minute live 1:1 sessions are excellent for any level of Spirituality, whether you’re just opening up to deeper guidance, or a seasoned Light Worker. Most who book a 1:1 desire clarity, support, assistance and focus to smoothly navigate a particular area of their life. There are no topics or questions off limits, these sessions are tailored for you to find your own truth about a situation, your feelings and to connect deeper with your Higher-Source-Self. Some book these sessions simply by following their intuition, and may not have any questions, this is okay too as either way, your team of Light will guide us in where we need to focus. I look forward to connecting with you and bringing crystal clear and practical guidance through from the One True Heart!

Appointments available until booked up – booking end of Nov through to Solstice!

♥ PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME ON CALENDLY AS SOON AS YOU BOOK, THEY ARE FIRST COME FIRST SERVED  ♥ You will receive an email immediately upon purchase with a booking link, please check your spam. If you haven’t received it within 10 mins of purchase, email me. 60 mins live on zoom.1 hour guidance sessions tend to allow us to look at 2 or 3 areas of life, around 5/6 questions. Be sure you are ready for your appointment time as missed slots cannot be pushed back, refunded or rescheduled.


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Customer Testimonials

Alice appeared in my life like a beautiful, bright Angel. I didn’t really know why I had to book a 1:1 session but I knew I had to.

I felt that there was a part in my body, in my heart, in my mind that was still very wounded and even if I took care of this part for a long time, the memories of this wound wouldn’t go away. I needed a bridge to cross the deep water and this bridge was a very powerful and bright healing session.

With very simple and calm words, Alice and her team brought me in the perfect sacred space to heal, forgive and to release this memory. I came back with gifts to remember that I can go back in this sacred space and also receive the DIVINE LOVE at any time in my life, just by being ME.

Gratitude, Bénédictions & Amour pour toi, belle Alice !!!!


I met Alice for a 1:1 session and felt transported to a dimension of radiant light, simple truth, and abundant love. Alice has a tremendous gift that she generously shared with me, and It was truly a gift to be in the sacred space. My heart is full and grateful to the universe that we met at the perfect time. I highly recommend an appointment with Alice, as you will be blessed!


Today I met with Alice for channelled guidance. I would describe or summarise my experience like a dance with energy. Powerful, moving, honest and profound.

For any person needing to find clarity without using thought then Alice has a frequency to support this within so that the world moves differently without.

Thank you Alice xxx


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