Welcome All, to my website! It is such a Joy to connect with you here. It is the intention that the content and the offerings I have to share inspire, empower and remind You of the sacred wholeness & living Love which you are! Feel welcome to stay connected via my email list and social media platforms.

Love always, from the One True Heart, Alice xx

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About Alice

Sacred Initiator and Divine Channel of the Codes of Light, Alice brings revered remembrance from Mystery School Teachings, practised and applied, here to Earth to assist with the embodiment of Crystalline Light, Living Love and Sacred Union!

From the Ancient-Future Lineages through to Tantric Temple Rites, Alice offers clear communication from the Ascended Masters, Star, Earthly & Angelic Realms, to help you weave through the veils of Truth & Illusion. Alice brings simplicity, expansion and illumination to your Path, so you may strive confidently forth in the joyful bliss of who YOU truly are!

Upcoming Events

A Lunar Invitation of Sacred Initiation With Isis

Solar Eclipse Online Workshop with Alice Heath

Online via Zoom with Replay

The Lady of 10000 names is calling You…! Can you hear her? Can you feel her stirring within…? Join Alice on the auspiciously powerful Friday 13th for the most beloved invitation of Sacred Lunar Initiation! Just in time for the New Moon Solar Eclipse!

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All 3 Eclipse Initiations! With Isis, Ra, Horus and Osiris!

Trinity of Online Workshops with Alice Heath

Online via Zoom

The Lady of 10000 names is calling You…! And the Ancient Sun God is beaming down to You…! Waiting to activate…impregnate…within you the Ancient Codes of Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine Union…! Awakening and Illuminating your MerKaBa! Join Isis, Ra, Horus and Osiris in this 3 part Eclipse season journey of Initiation!

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Mother Mary’s Blue Rose of Grace

Online Workshop with Alice Heath and Jackie White

Online via Zoom

The ineffable compassion of Mother Mary is something so sacred and nourishing that to be touched by Her Light can move mountains within us 🩵 Join Jackie and Alice, 7-8:15pm on Thursday 26th October as we release and untangle deep wounds of the heart in this gentle, yet profound healing experience! Let your True Heart shine forth !!! 🩵

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